Roots for the future, a systematic approach to root design

The SUREROOT project

In response to the increasing frequency and intensity of rainfall events in the UK, this five-year research project will determine whether soils can be modified by perennial grassland species to reduce incidents of flooding and drought whilst maintaining agronomic productivity and quality.

It builds on the outcomes of the BBSRC 'SuperGraSS' project which showed that a Festulolium (ryegrass / fescue species) hybrid with modified root architecture had potential for flood control. This new project will build on that preliminary data and exploit the vast genetic variation available within forage species to modify root dynamics to mitigate the effects of excess or deficient rainwater supply.











Climate Smart Agriculture


to address


climate change




food security









will benefit


plant breeders,


the livestock sector


and society


BBSRC and industry funded science developing improved rooting systems in grasses and clover for sustainable livestock systems and for ecosystem service.

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